The financial experience landscape is changing rapidly. Regulations are tighter and politically driven. Investments in FinTech innovation have approached $130+ billion since 2010, signaling a new era of reinvention within the industry. Across the industry spectrum, people face an overwhelming array of products and services often not well-designed around their wants, needs, and behaviors.

Bankruptcy, debt, and diminishing retirement savings are urgent concerns that many people face and underserved populations struggle living paycheck to paycheck, not being able to afford the necessities of life. This all presents an opportunity for savvy financial organizations. Wise and nimble digital choices will reward companies that evolve beyond quarterly profits and begin arming consumers for financial health, and truly supporting them in the transition.

At Mad*Pow, a strategic design consultancy, we see these challenges in the financial services industry as an opportunity to improve the experiences people have with financial systems; making people’s lives better through design. We’re also strong believers that purposeful design will deliver true financial wellbeing to people and their families, helping them achieve their financial goals, while also delivering great business results. We created the Financial Experience Design (FXD) Conference to support those beliefs.

Deeper client interaction in financial services requires more than just tweaking existing products. Relationships must be re-thought, perhaps reborn. Design, in all of its motivational formats, can be a differentiator when seeking to enlist clients and customers in new and expanded ways.

It starts with revealing people’s needs and goals. With that understanding we optimize how financial services organizations can be focused to satisfy those desires through experience innovation informed by behavior change theory, paving the way to motivate customers to be more financially savvy and aware. Enabling us to design and deploy amazing digital products to enable seamless real-time experiences that deliver results. We are experts in using the power of design to explore and deliver new opportunities for end customers. If you want to stay vital in changing times, this isn’t optional.

Over the past decade, we’ve done this for a wide variety of financial services organizations, designing experiences that drive positive outcomes in the lives of people across the world. Mad*Pow also originated the Health Experience Design Conference eight years ago, carefully architected to bring leaders in Healthcare together to imagine an improved experience for patients and consumers.

Pictures from our 2017 conference.

Conference Advisory Board

Heidi Munc

AVP of User Experience

Nationwide Insurance

Joseph Lamantia

Head of UX Commercial Card

Capital One

Ben Hoffman

AVP, User and Customer Experience

The Hanover Insurance Group

Chris Risdon

Head of Behavioral Design

Capital One

Christopher Avore

Head of Product Design & User Experience


Jason Goodwin

Director of Global Innovation Practice & Enablement

Manulife/John Hancock

Conference Chair

Michael Kirkpatrick, SVP Client Experience & Strategy


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Case Studies

State Street Global Advisors

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Military Personnel

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Large Banking

Designing a better mobile banking experience

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